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Revelation is a letter from God to every human on Earth, present and future. Get to know Him on a deeper level through the pages of this book.

In REVELATION: the DRAGON and the LAMB, Spinks explains each verse in simple language so people of all ages may understand the meaning as recorded by the Apostle John. It’s also written for people left behind after the coming mass disappearance of millions of people around the world in an event called the Rapture.


The Dragon

The dragon is Satan. The color red is associated with death for it is the color of blood. The seven heads represent seven kings and their kingdoms all subordinate to the dragon. The 10 horns likely reflect the 10-nation empire led by Antichrist, Satan’s appointed leader on Earth during the coming Tribulation.

One day the Rapture will happen and many people around the world (i.e. Christians) will disappear. Most people left behind will choose to follow Satan and his antichrist. Devil means accuser and Satan means adversary so clearly this character is no one’s friend. Oh, the horror that awaits those who align with them. They will regret it forever.

The Lamb

Lamb is mentioned 34x in Revelation. John the Baptist referred to Christ as the Lamb of God in John 1:29 and 1:36 in the Bible. Christ was slain on the cross and rose again as the victor over death, Satan, and sin, so it is right for Christ to appear as a slain lamb in the book of Revelation. It was the blood of the lamb over the doorpost that spared the Israelites in Egypt from death (the Passover). The blood of the Lamb of God spares believers from death and makes possible eternal life. Christ is the only way to the throne of God and to Heaven, for only Christ saves. There is no other path to God (Acts 4:12).

What Others Are Saying

Kevin Spinks clearly and accurately presents the scenes, events, promises relevant to Revelation. His use of Scripture to interpret Scripture provides deep insight to settings like the Tree of Life and the Throne of God and the Lamb (Jesus). The new believer as well as the seasoned believer can gain deep insight to our future home. Lastly, his application suggestions lead one to a closer walk with the Savior. There is something for everyone to learn in his writing.”

– Bill McLean
OSU Professor