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Announcing Kevin Spink’s newest book¬†REVELATION: the DRAGON and the LAMB

Revelation is a letter from God to every human on Earth, present and future. Get to know Him on a deeper level through the pages of this book.


Embark on an exciting adventure into the world of angels with “Watchers of Kanah”! This fantasy novel follows Michael, the only archangel mentioned in the Bible, before he became the chief of angels. Michael arrives at the Darkmar planet to attend the academy as a young Watcher with no skills or talents, facing the challenges of growing up in difficult times. Meanwhile, “The Dragon and the Lamb” explains each verse of the Book of Revelation, offering insights into the destiny of the world and Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God and King of Kings. These two books provide both entertainment and spiritual knowledge, making them a must-read for anyone seeking a thrilling journey.

Watchers of Kanah

Watchers of Kanah is the first book in the fantasy series about the only archangel mentioned in the Bible, Michael, before he became archangel – chief of angels. The story begins upon his arrival at the tiny planet of Darkmar to begin his first school year at the academy. Life isn’t easy, even for angels, and more so for young ones (called Watchers) who have no skills or talent. You’ve heard it said that leaders are born, not made. Don’t believe it! Great leaders arise for simple causes in difficult times to do the impossible.


The Dragon and the Lamb is a non-fiction book written to explain each verse in the Book of Revelation. Explore Revelation as seen through the eyes of its author, the Apostle John. Get to know Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God and King of Kings, as revealed in the last book of the Bible. Learn the destiny of the world and the future of all humans.

What Others Are Saying

“Kevin Spinks clearly and accurately presents the scenes, events, promises relevant to Revelation. His use of Scripture to interpret Scripture provides deep insight to settings like the Tree of Life and the Throne of God and the Lamb (Jesus). The new believer as well as the seasoned believer can gain deep insight to our future home. Lastly, his application suggestions lead one to a closer walk with the Savior. There is something for everyone to learn in his writing.”

– Bill McLean
OSU Professor