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Kevin Spinks was raised in Georgia and now lives in sunny Jacksonville, Florida close to the beach with his lovely wife. He’s an award-winning fantasy author who enjoys making memories with friends and family by visiting exotic and interesting locales. He’s a graduate engineer of the Georgia Institute of Technology and spent 22 years in the military defense industry making fighting vehicles. He enjoyed riding dirt bikes as a kid and later with his two sons in the Florida national forests, and also volunteers for hurricane disaster relief with his church. When his sons were young, he would tell them imaginative bedtime stories like his father before him. So it’s no surprise that his debut novel is a story about heavenly and demonic creatures (i.e. good versus evil) in the unseen realm of make-believe places.

” You can conquer the world with faith in yourself and in those around you. “

Happy Readers / Media Mentions

  • “The author’s style brings you to the place where you know the characters and join them in their journey. I truly enjoyed the ride!”
     William Myers – Founder


They had to learn to be warriors and comrades. That’s why they’re required to attend the academies on the seven outposts surrounding planet Earth. For there they learn to fight, they learn their craft, and they’re called Watchers until they graduate.

For all Watchers dream of graduation day when they’re eligible to begin an eternity of service… mostly in the military. After all they’re bound to protect humans against soldiers of darkness—demons—who are just as bound to destroy them.

Michael’s life as a first-year student isn’t going well. He’s the smallest of his class, the least confident, and hasn’t won a single sparring match. But life for Michael is about to change upon a chance meeting with Beelzebub – King of the Demons.

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